Civic information-analitical centre “VolynMedia”

Civic information-analitical centreVolynMedia” is the “Centre’s for Political Analysis and Electoral Consulting” interactive media project.

The purpose of “VolynMedia” establishment and activity is the production and dissemination of objective, balanced analytical information on current local social and political issues, ensuring conditions and opportunities for high-quality media events for all stakeholders, improving communication between government, business and community in the region.

We work in the following areas:

Why we work in the format of “civic information-analytical center”?

“VolynMedia” stuff consists of “Centre’s for Political Analysis and Electoral Consulting” experts including Maria Domanska, Volodymyr Pavlyuk, Mykhaylo Nakhod and Mykhaylo Shelep.

VolynMedia” components:

1) Website where analytical materials, announces of major socio-political events of the region, the top news and dossier of well-known and influential people of Volyn are published. You can find here photo and a video archive of activities carried out in our conference-hall, view broadcast of public events and analytical programs. Special features of the website include:

Board of announcements - the first most comprehensive collection of announcements about major social and political events of the region where all interested parties can put information about their planned activities;

Live events’ broadcast - an alternative format of public events coverage in real time, which are conducted in “VolynMedia” conference-hall. This new kind of journalism is the first step towards the introduction of Internet-TV in Volyn region.

Own analytical video-products are actual programs on socio-political issues, expert commentary and programs wit local politicians and officials.

2) Conference-hall for 35 seats with free Internet access, equipped with a video camera, multimedia projector and screen. Conference-hall can be quickly re-equipped for press-conferences, briefings, round tables, workshops and other events. It can be used for journalists and civil society activists in the free time from events. Conference-hall photos.

We provide the following types of paid services:

“VolynMedia” regular customers provided with discounts.

NGOs have an opportunity to get “VolynMedia” services at reduced rates or free of charge.

“VolynMedia” is the place where new forms of communication are developing, the conditions for cooperation are establishing, ideas generates and mechanisms for the active participation of citizens in social and political processes produce.